Mechanical cleaning of roof
Andek buildkote photo ROOFAB is layed into wet BUILDKOTE
Andek buildkote photo ROOFAB top is saturated with POLAROOF RAC
Andek buildkote photo Air voids between BUILDKOTE and ROOFAB are evacuated
Andek buildkote photo Laps between rolls are sealed with POLAROOF RAC
Andek buildkote photo BUILDKOTE has been fully grabbed and the ROOFAB has been top sealed by POLAROOF RAC
Andek would like to thank Charbonneau Construction for the photographs above
Andek buildkote photo In a situation where you may be dealing with severe "alligatoring" of the asphalt roof, we recommend using a low cost material, BUILDKOTE as a recovery coat before applying the topcoat
Andek buildkote photoAndek buildkote photoAndek buildkote photo
Andek buildkote photo

BUILDKOTE is squeegee applied to the deck to fill in and level the "alligatoring" areas.

As seen on the photo on the right, ROOFAB is then laid into the BUILDKOTE as a reinforcement. The ROOFAB ia overlapped 2" at the edges to create a single reinforced membrane.