This is a registered 1853 home with the original standing seam metal roof, located in Mt. Holly, NJ USA. POLAROOF AC is being applied in our standard color, Haddonfield Red, to waterproof the roof and provide an historic look.
ABOVE LEFT: Rusty metal roof being primed with POLAPRIME 21. ABOVE RIGHT: Seams and flashing details are treated with POLAROOF AC and ROOFAB.

Metal roof restoration at Cain Customs Brokers, Hidalgo, TX USA

The roof is power washed and fasteners are detailed. POLAPRIME 21 is applied to screws and sealed with a coat of ROOFDX SUPER modified with K-CATALYST.

Skylights and damaged metal are replaced with metal panels. Panel edges are sealed with ROOFDX SUPER modified with K-CATALYST.

POLAROOF AC is applied over the entire roof, providing a durable heat reflective, waterproof coating surface.

The completed job combines polyurethane chemistry and skillful restoration techniques to provide an environmentally sustainable roof coating system.

Photos by Hogue Ventures, Houston, TX USA
Philadelphia Park, Philadelphia, PA USA. This photo shows the horse barn roofs restored with the POLAROOF AC system.
The French Market, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
ABOVE LEFT: Modified bitumen sheet with weathered silver coat. ABOVE RIGHT: After pressure washing, the base coat of POLAROOF AC in Colonial Gray is roller applied. The topcoat is POLAROOF AC in Xtra White.
ABOVE LEFT: The contractor set the pails up on the roof to assure exact coverage. You can see the bright white at the far end. ABOVE RIGHT: The white topcoat has a reflectivity factor of 80% to 85%. The result is a cool, waterproof roof.
This is Arch Street Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA USA. The dome was corroding badly and needed rejuvenation.
As you can see from this picture, the dome was steel sheet that had been painted over the years. Rust was deteriorating the surface badly.
After removing all the rust and loose paint down to the bare metal, Andek POLAPRIME 21 (red), was applied to neutralize the rust and give a tough foundation for the topcoat.
The topcoat is Andek POLAROOF AC, a thick acrylic coating that can be tinted to any color. Here the color choice was a patina green to look like aged copper.
With just the peak left to coat, the roof is almost done. This procedure and application gives a guaranteed waterproof roof for 10 years. An additional coat can be applied in 8 to 10 years to keep the metal protected.

Trump Building, Wall Street, NY, USAPOLAROOF AC was used in a custom color to rejuvenate this impressive roof.