The Andek ProPower Mixer is a revolutionary, high-performance mixer. Constructed of tough polypropylene and galvanized steel, the ProPower Mixer’s unique design provides superior mixing performance in record time. It is easy to clean and won’t chip, flake, or rust, even with continuous use. Professionals find the ProPower Mixer saves time, money and labor.


Outstanding Features:


The Andek ProPower Mixer's superior performance is based on its ability to pull coating equally, from the top and bottom of the container, into the mixer's center and then force it through spinning blades.  This produces a "slicing and dicing" effect for a thorough mix-ture in seconds.  In addition, the mixer's unique configuration produces a screening effect.  Material that doesn't go into solution is trapped between the blades for easy removal.



1. To use, attach the Andek ProPower Mixer to the end of any standard power drill. A Black & Decker Quantum 4.3 amp 0-3,000 rpm variable speed drill has proven very effective operated at 0-1,500 rpm.

2. Immerse the ProPower Mixer into the approximate center of the coating to be mixed.  It is best to have at least enough material to cover the spinning cage.

3. Apply power gradually to avoid possible spillage that may occur when beginning the mixing procedure too vigorously.

4. Once the mixer is operating at rpm levels of 500 to 1,500, the operator can let it move around inside the coating.  Thicker coatings usually require higher rpm levels.

5. Make sure not to overstir coating, which will entrap air bubbles in the material.

6. To clean, immediately place the ProPower Mixer in water if product mixed is water-based, or a compatible solvent if coating mixed is solvent-based.  Apply power for a few seconds and immediately remove.  Allow the mixer to dry.



Mixer Cage:  Non-stick polypropylene
Mixer Shaft: Solid core galvanized steel
Overall Length: 19-3/8 inches
Mixer Cage Diameter: 3-1/8 inches
Mixer Shaft Diameter: 5/16 inch
Weight: 8 oz.
Color: Black
Storage Life: Indefinite