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POLAGARD AG (Anti-Graffiti) is a remarkable aliphatic urethane that cures to form an extremely tough, hard-wearing, protective coating. It will vigorously protect the substrate against graffiti and vandalism, weather, chemical attack and abrasion. POLAGARD AG meets or exceeds all Department of Transportation coating system requirements for soundwalls, bridges and Jersey barriers.


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Andek Polagard AG



The substrate must be dry, clean and free of loose particles, oils or any coating or substance that would interfere with bond. Cracks should be routed out and filled with an approved sealant. Existing graffiti may be blocked with POLAPRIME 7. Refer to the Polaprime data sheet for priming information for metals or previously coated surfaces. POLAGARD AG may be applied directly to new concrete provided it is at least 28 days old. It is advisable to test previously treated or coated surfaces by first applying POLAPRIME (if required) and POLAGARD AG to a 4’x4’ area and allowing it to  cure.  Later, inspect the test area for adhesion, voids or sags. It may be necessary to sand or rough previously painted surfaces to improve bond performance. Once the surface is prepared, thoroughly blend Part A and Part B for 5 minutes. POLAGARD AG may be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray. If POLAGARD AG is to be overcoated with POLAGARD AG Clear, it must be applied after 12 hours and before 7 days.



Do not apply to frozen surfaces. Do not apply unless the temperature can be maintained above 40°F for 8 hours. Application must be protected from precipitation for at least 4 hours. Do not contaminate product with moisture.



To remove graffiti, use environmentally approved cleaner. To repair any damage to the coating system, call our Technical Department for assistance.



WARNING! This product is flammable. Keep away from sparks and open flame.  Use manual spray equipment or EP (explosion proof) rated equipment.  Use only in well ventilated areas.  Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Do not ingest.  In case of ingestion, do NOT induce vomiting and seek immediate medical attention.  In case of eye contact, rinse with water for 15 minutes and seek immediate medical attention. For skin contact, wash off at the earliest opportunity with cleanser, pumice and water. Wear rubber gloves, safety goggles, and coveralls when applying. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

For additional information, contact the Andek Technical Department.


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Andek Polagard AG



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