POLAJOINT is a 100% solids, two component, pourable, modified epoxy which forms a semi-hard durable joint compound. It is ideal for filling joints or cracks in concrete or steel infrastructure that have little or modest movement. POLAJOINT remains firm and hardwearing while accommodating a mild degree of movement in the structure. It is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents and oils, and will maintain adhesion to the surfaces of the joint or crack.


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Can be used over concrete, fibreglass composites, most metals, mineral composites, wood, wood composites, slate, tile and other surfaces.





All surfaces to be coated must be dry and free of loose debris, oil, paint, grease and other substances that would interfere with bond.  For proper repair of irregular cracks, it may be necessary to router out the crack into a Symmetrical “U” shape.  It is advisable to prime highly porous surfaces or very dense concrete surfaces with Polaprime 21.  Very deep joints or cracks need to be filled with a proper diameter backer-rod material such as Dow Ethafoam.

In a clean, dry container, mix the complete 2-part unit for at least 5 minutes with low speed mixing.  Try not to entrap excessive quantities or air when mixing.  After thorough mixing, POLAJOINT may be poured into the crack or joint through a pouring spout or with a refillable caulking gun.  Completely fill the crack or joint.  It may be necessary to top off the filled crack or joint after a few minutes of settling and air release takes place. 


Clean up:

Equipment can be cleaned with xylene or toluene BEFORE the product cures.



In exterior situations, POLAJOINT will darken in color with time.  This will not, however, adversely affect performance.  Shelf life is 1 year when stored in tightly sealed containers.



If a section of repaired joint or a repaired crack becomes damaged, prepare the area thoroughly in accordance with instructions under the Application section of this data sheet.  Pour POLAJOINT into the prepared area until it flows to a level contact with the adjoining POLAJOINT areas.



Read the container label warning and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for important health and safety information prior to the use of this product. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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