Test Reports

Atlas Report Total reflectivity and emittance test report Polaroof NW, Polaroof RAC, Silver Film, Wearcoat 66, Wearcoat 44, Firegard, Polaroof
ASTM E84-04 Determine the comparative surface burning of building materials coated with Firegard. Test is applicable to exposed surfaces such as ceilings and walls. Andek Firegard
ASTM E84-91a Determine the relative burning behaivor of the material by the flame spread along the Firegard coated surface. Andek Firegard
ESR 1172 Approval of Firegard over urethane foam. Andek Firegard
UL 410 Measure slip resistance. Wearcoat 66
NAVSES Report Approval of Firegard for use over insulation and asbestos. Andek Firegard
NASTM E84 (30 minutes) 30 minute fire resistance test. Andek Firegard
NFPA 255 30 minute fire resistance test. Andek Firegard
Reflectivity & Emissivity To show the improvement in energy management made possible by coating a roof with Polaroof RAC Polaroof RAC
USDA/FDA Assessment Suitability for use in areas of incidental food contact. Polagard Classic, Clearcoat AQ
SWRI Validation Approval for use as a waterproofing system. NW Z Grade, Polaprime 21, Clearcoat 44
Asbestos Information Suitability for use as an asbestos encapsulant. Andek Firegard