• Self-adhesive, aluminum faced bituman backed sealing tape.
  • Quick, efficient and cost effective method of flashing, sealing and repair that produces a lasting protection in all climates.
  • Bonds to most building materials and provides a permanent watertight seal that improves with time.







  • Self Adhesive, aluminum faced bitumen backed sealing tape that bonds instantly to most building materials to provide a permanent, watertight seal
  • Flashband has four layers of protection, creating both tear and impact resistance and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures of up to 200 deg F or below 0 deg F
  • Extremely durable and long lasting protection in all climates. Provides protection for at least twenty years
  • Flashband bonds to most building materials and provides a permanent watertight seal that improves with time
  • Versatile and easily applied using just hand pressure
  • An instant barrier to water penetration. An essential repair material for industrial, commercial and residential construction
  • Bonds to wide range of materials: Including brick, masonry, slate, concrete, roof tiles, wood, metal, terracotta tiles, glass, polystyrene,  rigid plastics, gypsum board, vinyl siding, shingles, TPO, CPE, PVCs, asphalt BUR, coal tar BUR, etc.
  • Wide range of sizes: 33 ft roll in widths from 2″ to 28″
Wide Range of Uses


  • Seals around chimneys, vents and skylights
  • Reinforces and seals joints and penetrations
  • Provides a cap seal in tile and slate roofs
  • Repairs holes and perforations in metal roofing
  • Seals and bridges gaps and seams
  • Repairs modified or asphalt built up roofs
  • Protects eaves from water intrusion due to ice damming


  • Protects and seals glazing bars and skylights
  • Emergency repair to glass panes


  • Repairs and seals scuppers and down spouts


  • Protects insulation, pipes and tanks
  • Seals around vents in walls and roofs
  • Seals around curbs and HVAC ductwork


How to apply Flashband
Remove oil, grease, loose debris and visible moisture.
Unroll Flashband and remove backing paper. Cut length required with a sharp knife.
Position Flashband Tape and press into place with finger tip pressure. Ensure overlaps are protected by at least 1 inch of tape in order to achieve a perfect watertight seal.
Using a seam roller or piece of rounded wood smooth the tape to ensure good overall contact and expel any air, especially on overlaps.