High-performance engineered coating designed for the most severe interior and exterior service. Has exceptional resistance to most industrial chemicals and provides a tough, wear-resistant surface that resists both impact and abrasion.








POLAFLOOR PUR BRUSHABLE combines the properties of silicon carbide, Kevlar* and urethane chemistry to produce a high-performance engineered coating. An ultra-high performance three-part urethane floor coating, it is designed for the most severe interior and exterior service. POLAFLOOR PUR BRUSHABLE has exceptional resistance to most industrial chemicals and provides a tough, wear-resistant surface that resists both impact and abrasion.

Outstanding Features

  • Highly impermeable to fluids.
  • Resists the leaching of chemicals through the coating.
  • Easy to clean yet provides traction enhancement.
  • Suitable for industrial floors, tanks, pits, gullies and secondary containment areas of chemical storage or processing.
  • Stands up to vehicular traffic and diverse industrial activities.
  • Produces a hard, lightly textured surface.

Recommended for

  • May be used in degreasing pits, dip tanks and neutralizing tanks.
  • Will protect the baghouse lining in a hot, acid abrasive environments in smelters and foundries.
  • Provide wet traction for foot traffic in wet, greasy or soapy areas such as machine washing facilities.
  • Protects surface from damage by falling ice or glass in equipment maintenance areas.

Recommended for

Can be used over concrete, insulation, most metals, mineral composites and other surfaces.


Approximate 50 sq ft/unit


20 pound unit



Sealer type

Kevlar modified urethane



Preparation and Application

Surface Preparation
All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and completely free of loose particles, grease, oils, or any substance that would interfere with proper bond. All preparation work including substrate repairs and expansion joints must be completed prior to application. If PUR BRUSHABLE is to be applied over a waterproofing membrane, the membrane should be thoroughly inspected to insure that it has completely set and is devoid of pinholes or interruptions.

Only skilled coating applicators should use this product.

Add the Part A to the Part B while stirring thoroughly with a drill-type stirrer. Mixing must be continued for 3 minutes total. The mix should then be poured back and forth between the 2 component cans twice, then stirred a further minute. The Part C should be stirred into the mixture immediately and stirred for 2 minutes until a uniform paste consistency is achieved. Careful attention to detail will help to produce the desired result in appearance and performance. Once mixed, PUR BRUSHABLE has approximately 40 minutes working time at 70°F and will have developed an initial cure suitable for foot traffic within 24 hours. The floor may be placed into full service within 48 hours.

Newly applied and coated ROOFAB should not be walked on until it is thoroughly dry.  Do not allow any uncoated areas or sections of ROOFAB to remain exposed.

Any damaged areas can be repaired with ROOFAB to the necessary size and shape to fit the repair.  Next, apply fresh coating (or primer and coating) to the repair area.  Finally, embed the ROOFAB and immediately topcoat the entire area with coating. Allow the repair to fully cure.

Pot Life
40 minutes @ 70°F

Recommended Thickness
20 mils Dry Film Thickness (DFT)

Clean up
Clean tools and equipment with xylene or toluene solvent.

Store in a dry area and protect from direct sunlight and freezing. Keep container tightly sealed. Shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in a factory sealed container between 40ºF (5ºC) and 90ºF (32ºC).

Waste disposal must be in accordance with existing federal, state and local environmental control laws. Incineration is the preferred method of disposal.

Read the container label warning and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for important health and safety information prior to the use of this product.


For additional information, contact the Andek Technical Department


Technical Data
VOC 0 gms/liter
Solids Content 100% (B.W.); 100% (B.V.) ASTM D-1044
Compressive Strength 12,060 psi ASTM C-109
Tensile Strength 2,685 psi ASTM C-109
Linear Heat Expansion 2.6 – 10 K ITR (DIN)
Heat Conductivity 0.97 W/K.M ITR (DIN)
Grinding Wear
10.3 cm3 ITR (DIN)
Water Vapor Transmission
0.75 gms/M2/hr (=0.05 perms) ASTM E-96
Chemical Resistance