• Premium quality, waterproof, tough, elastic coating with unique properties that extend the lifespan of most roofs.
  • Advanced mineral design forms a shield to protect against water penetration, corrosion and stress fatigue
  • Absorbs thermal shock and has exceptional fire resistance.
  • Available in most colors.


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POLAROOF AC is a premium quality, waterproof, tough, elastic coating with unique properties that extend the lifespan of most roofs. The technology behind the formulation of this material uses acrylic chemistry and advanced mineral design to create a composite coating that forms a shield to protect against water penetration, corrosion and stress fatigue from thermal cycling. Long-term waterproofing is maintained by tenacious adhesion to the substrate and flexibility over a wide temperature range without cracking at low temperatures or melting or flowing at high temperatures.

Outstanding Features

  • Provides long lasting waterproofing protection.
  • Retains 70%+ initial reflectance
  • Available in a wide range of standard and custom colors.
  • Performs on all standard roofing substrates.
  • Reduces stress fatigue due to thermal cycling.
  • Enviromentally friendly (contains no solvents).
  • Inhibits corrosion.
  • Resists fungal attack.
  • Can easily be recoated without use of primer.
  • Remains flexible, tough, and weatherproof in all climates.
  • Will not become brittle and crack with age.
  • Protects against UV deterioration.
  • May be combined with I.R. reflecting basecoat to lower BTU consumption.
  • Carries the highest UL rating for fire protection at unlimited slope.
  • EPA Energy Star rating reassures significant energy savings.
  • Very fast setting to prevent wash-off.
  • Ten year material warranty.
  • May be recoated to extend the lifespan significantly

Recommended for

Can be used over wood, metal, asphalt BUR, concrete, glass, insulation, modified bitumen, PUF, single-ply, slate/tile and other approved surfaces



24 Standard Colors. Custom Colors are available.



Approximately 3 gallons/100 sq feet. 48 mils wet film thickness (WFT), 32 mils dry film thickness (DFT)

Container sizes

1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon


Acrylic elastomeric


Preparation and Application

Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be dry, free of dirt, loose debris, oils, grease or any substance that could interfere with adhesion. Surface must remain at least 5°F above dew point during the application and curing process. Do not apply if the substrate or air temperature is predicted to drop below 45°F (7°C) or if the area cannot be protected from precipitation within 4 hours after application. Do not apply POLAROOF AC to wet, damp, or frozen surfaces.

All repairs of damage or defects must be made prior to application.

POLAROOF AC is applied straight out of the can after 2 minutes of gentle low speed mixing or stirring. Apply the product using brush, roller, or spray technique. Apply in 2 coats to a uniform wet film thickness of about 24 mils per coat to insure complete coverage on the 2nd coat. Apply the 2nd coat after the 1st coat has set (about 2-4 hours). For soft brush or high nap roller application, use light pressure and coat in a cross direction to the 1st coat.

Spray Application
For spray application use 30:1 airless pump, 3/8″ short hose and 33 to 37 tip

Drying Time (Walkable)
Approximately 1.5 hours at 70°F (21°C) and 50% RH.

Clean up
Clean tools and equipment with water before the POLAROOF AC dries; after that solvent cleaning may be necessary.

Store in a dry area and protect from direct sunlight and freezing. Keep container tightly sealed. Shelf life is 2 year from date of manufacture when stored in a factory sealed container between 45ºF (7ºC) and 90ºF (32ºC).

Waste disposal must be in accordance with existing federal, state and local environmental control laws. Incineration is the preferred method of disposal.


Read the container label warning and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for important health and safety information prior to the use of this product.


For additional information, contact the Andek Technical Department


Polaroof AC Application Guide over various Roof Substrates


Technical Data
VOC < 10 gms/liter
Moisture Vapor Transmission
3.5 perms ASTM E-96
Tensile Strength 250 psi ASTM D-412
Elongation 750% ASTM D-412
Impact Resistance 4 mm indent. pass BS3900 Part E3
73% (B.W.), 67% (B.V.) ASTM D-1044
Flashpoint Non-flammable Closed Cup
Weatherometer (5000 hours) Pass ASTM G23
Fire Rating Class A ASTM E-108
Shore ‘A’ Hardness 60 degrees ASTM D-2240
Viscosity 7,000 cps ASTM D-446
Density Average 11.5 lbs/gal ASTM D-1475
pH 9.0