POLASEAL VCI is a corrosion inhibiting, penetrant sealer for the protection and waterproofing of most types of concrete.




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POLASEAL VCI is a corrosion inhibiting, penetrant sealer for the protection and waterproofing of most types of concrete. POLASEAL VCI uses a combination of vapor corrosion inhibition chemistry and reactive siloxane technology to provide corrosion protection to steel reinforcement and waterproofing protection of concrete. POLASEAL VCI contains microparticulate inhibitors that penetrate into the concrete structure. These inhibitors produce a monomolecular layer that seeks the metal surface of rebar and inhibits ion transfer (corrosion). This corrosion protection is continually replenished by additional unreacted inhibitor. Dilution of the monomolecular layer is prevented by a siloxane surface barrier.

Outstanding Features

  • Arrests concrete deterioration caused by water penetration and internal corrosion
  • Prevents corrosion of rebar and maintains structural integrity of the concrete
  • Provides long term protection and waterproofing for most types of concrete
  • Does not alter the concrete’s appearance and prevents further rust staining and efflorescence
  • UV stable and resists mildew and microbiological deterioration
  • Low odor during application; non-toxic and V.O.C. compliant
  • Protects against acid rain, effloresence, freeze-thaw spalling, and rust breakout
  • Reduces staining, chloride ion ingression, A.S.R., and revisionary ettringite

Recommended for
Can be used over concrete, stucco, mineral composites, bricks, masonry, porous stone and other approved surfaces.


Approximate 150 sq ft/gal, depending upon substrate

Container sizes

1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon


VCI Modified Siloxane


Preparation and Application

Surface Preparation
POLASEAL VCI is designed for application to untreated concrete surfaces. Any coatings that impede penetration of the sealer into the surface will need to be removed. Hard, impenetrable coatings such as epoxy or polyurethane will need to be sand blasted or wet abrasive blasted. Weathered, peeling paints may be sufficiently removed by high pressure water jetting. All oils, treatments and contaminants that could restrict or prevent penetration of the sealer must be thoroughly removed. All repairs to the concrete should be completed prior to the application of the POLASEAL VCI. Cleaning to remove rust stains, efflorescence, mildew, etc., should be completed prior to application of POLASEAL VCI. All restoration work should be completed so that the surface that is to be protected will appear unchanged by the treatment with POLASEAL VCI. A dry surface is preferred to allow maximum penetration of sealer into the concrete.

Apply POLASEAL VCI by low pressure spray, maintaining sufficient volume for saturation to the point of rundown or surface collection. Single coat coverage should be sufficient to provide complete protection; however, uneven surfaces, projections and shadows may cause areas to be missed. For this reason, a light second coat may be necessary to find and treat any of these hidden areas.

Spray Application
For spray applications, use HVLP spray equipment.

Clean up
Clean tools immediately after use with water and detergent.

Store product between 38°F and 95°F. Do not apply to frozen or saturated surfaces. Do not apply if precipitation is forecast within 8 hours. Do not spray in strong wind conditions. Protect adjacent surfaces, including shrubbery, from overspray. Overspray may damage raw copper or aluminum surfaces. Remove any overspray from glass, metal or vinyl surfaces within 4 hours by wiping with thinner or mineral spirits, followed by wiping with glass cleaner.

Read the container label warning and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for important health and safety information prior to the use of this product.


For additional information, contact the Andek Technical Department


Technical Data
VOC 50 gms/liter
Flashpoint Non flammable
Solids Content 15% (B.W.); 15% (B.V.)
Density 8.6 lb/gallon
Actives 12.5% by weight
Chemistry Corrosion inhibitor modified siloxane
Weatherometer (5000 hours) Pass ASTM G-23
Water Permeance (Class E)
Pass ASTM E514-74
Salt Spray (300 hours)
Pass ASTM B-117
Water Absorption Pass Federal Spec. SS-W-110C (below 1.0%)
Reduction in Water Absorption 86.75% NCHRP 244 Series 11
Corrosion Project #01-111-1425 336 hrs half immersion – no visible corrosion