• Highly damage resistant coating for all kinds of roofs that protects and waterproofs roofs that are exposed to dynamic stress.
  • Cures to form a tough, elastic, waterproof seal.







ROOFDX SUPER is a single component urethane especially designed as a waterproofing membrane for all kinds of roofing. It cures to form a tough, elastic, waterproof seal and may be incorporated into roofing specifications that provide roof protection of 10 and 20 years. ROOFDX SUPER contains corrosion-inhibiting pigments and will protect metals against rust and acid rain.

Outstanding Features:

  • Tough, elastic, highly damage resistant waterproof barrier coating that prevents air or liquid penetration
  • Extremely chemical resistant to oils, fats, acids, and other pollutants
  • Wet penetration characteristics allows sealing of deep cracks
  • Incorporates corrosion inhibiting pigment to protect metals
  • Provides an effective buried membrane beneath soil, pavers or other overburdens
  • Non-conductive, mildly magnetic, will not generate radio frequency interference (RFI)
  • Will not provide a nutrient source for bacteria or nematodes
  • Expands upon contact with rust to plug crevices and voids
  • Effective protection for all climatic extremes over long periods of time

Recommended for:

Can be used over BUR, asphalt or coal tar, EPDM, rubber, wood, concrete, brick, masonry, copper, steel, aluminum, tin, mineral composites and other approved surfaces.


Approximate 33 – 50 sq ft/gal, depending upon substrate

Container sizes:
1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon




Moisture cure urethane


Preparation and Application
Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be dry, free of dirt, loose debris, oils, grease or any substance that could interfere with adhesion. Do not apply if the substrate or air temperature is predicted to drop below 35°F (2°C) within 4 hours after application. The application surface must remain at least 5°F (3°C) above dew point during the application and curing process.

Do not apply ROOFDX SUPER to wet, damp, or frozen surfaces. Do not apply if the area cannot be protected from precipitation for at least 4 hours after application. ROOFDX SUPER is applied directly out of the container after at least 2 minutes of low speed drill stirring. Do not thin the product. Apply in 2 coats using a soft brush, medium nap roller, or airless sprayer in a smooth, even technique.

Application over Seams in Metal Roofs
Achieved by embedding ROOFAB into a fresh coat of ROOFDX SUPER applied at 15 mils wet thickness.  The fabric is then saturated with a second application at sufficient thickness to remove all voids, fishmouths and dry spots.  Bolt heads on metal roofs should be daubed with K-CATALYST modified ROOFDX SUPER until they are completely encapsulated.  As soon as the K-CATALYST ROOFDX SUPER has set, it should be coated with a compatible topcoat.

Application over Built-Up or Modified Asphalt or Capsheet Roofs
Requires good preparation as described above. If gravel is present, this should be removed by wet-vac or scraped off and pressure washed. BUILDKOTE or compatible flood coat should be installed to soften the profile of embedded gravel.

Application of ROOFDX SUPER may proceed by embedding 40” ROOFAB into a fresh coat of ROOFDX SUPER applied 1½ gallons per 100 sq ft (66 sq. ft. per gallon); the fabric should be smoothed out without stretching so that it conforms to the surface without voids, tents or dry  spots. Begin at the lowest point of the roof and each roll saturated with an even coat of ROOFDX SUPER at 1½ gallons per 100 sq ft (66 sq. ft. per gallon) as soon as the first coat has soaked up and no wrinkles remain. Enough material should be present at the overlap that saturation occurs completely without fishmouths or dry spots. Continue application with laps facing downhill to shed water if work is interrupted by precipitation. Sudden precipitation will not wash ROOFDX SUPER off when wet or newly applied, but will produce a mottled, dull appearance that is not detrimental to overall performance.

ROOFDX SUPER should always be coated with a suitable topcoat and if solar panels or other overburden is installed, use appropriate separation layer.

Spray Application
Utilize a 45:1 airless pump, a 1/2″ hose, 3/8″ whip and a 37 to 41 width tip

Recommended Thickness
30 mils Dry Film Thickness (DFT)

Drying Time
To walk on – Approximately 24 hours @ 80°F (27°C) and 70% RH.
Total Cure – Approximately 72 hours @ 80°F (27°C) and 70% RH.

Clean up
Clean tools and equipment with xylene or aromatic solvent.

Store in a dry area and protect from direct sunlight and freezing. Keep container tightly sealed. Shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in a factory sealed container between 50ºF (10ºC) and 81ºF (27ºC).

Waste disposal must be in accordance with existing federal, state and local environmental control laws. Incineration is the preferred method of disposal.

Read the container label warning and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for important health and safety information prior to the use of this product.


For additional information, contact the Andek Technical Department


Technical Data
VOC 100 gms/liter
Moisture Vapor Transmission
0.7 perms ASTM E-96
Tensile Strength 600 psi ASTM D-412
Elongation at Break 350% ASTM D-412
Flexibility at Low Temperature 180 deg. bend @ -10°F ASTM C-711
Shore ‘A’ Hardness 55 degrees ASTM D-2240
Puncture Resistance 120 psi ASTM D-154-79
Viscosity at 70°F 6,000 cpc ASTM D-446
Solids Content 92% (B.W.); 88% (B.V.) ASTM D-1044